Saint Petersburg – 9 pieces of rosebox

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Handmade 9 pieces Saint Petersburg rose box made of red foam roses in a black box.

Saint Petersburg’s chock full of palaces and classical architecture, while people walking down it’s streets are always well-dressed and super stylish.

So it was no question that we’ll name our luxurious red flower box after this beautiful and posh place. Classy red foam roses in an elegant black box: such a lovely present to give to our beloved ones!

The foam box is made individually and by hand in every process of production. The Saint Petersburg rose box can be an excellent gift idea for special occasions. Graduation, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and other special events.

What is a foam rose?

However, it differs significantly from artificial flowers in the traditional sense.
Foam roses are made by a special process, foaming of polyfoam plastic.
Thanks to the procedure, the flower heads are very similiar to the live ones
Of course, they can’t lend the scent of roses, but their big advantage over live roses is that they don’t wither in days, retain their beauty for long decades, and the memory of the occasion, the gift.

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9 pieces of roses:
  • Rose color: red
  • Box color: black
  • Weight: 135g
  • Width: 12 cm
  • Height: 12 cm