Homemade hot chocolate – limited edition (ruby chocolate)

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Surprise your loved ones with this mouth-watering candy, ruby ​​chocolate hot chocolate.

Homemade hot chocolate with ruby ​​chocolate can be a great surprise for birthdays, special occasions or even just to sweeten everyday life.

Make yourself and let yourself be enchanted by the creamy soft taste of Belgian ruby ​​chocolate!
If you are looking for a small yet special gift or want to surprise your loved ones with your friends, we strongly recommend our hot chocolate variations.

There are two servings of hot chocolate in the bottle.

Preparation proposal:
Add the contents of the bottle to a maximum of 8 dl of boiled milk in a small bowl.
Mix well to melt the lozenge and cocoa powder.
Let it rest for a few minutes to make a creamy, soft chocolate.
Eat with whipped cream and marshmallows.
Enjoy the flavors

Contents of the sachet:
Ruby chocolate
Vanilla powder

• Sugar
• Cocoa butter
• Greasy milk powder
• Cocoa mass
• Emulsifier: soy lecithin
• Natural vanilla aroma
• Cocoa dry matter at least 33.6%.

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