Sweet relax fruit tea

1590 Ft

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Choose from our tea specialties made from premium ingredients! Surprise yourself or your loved ones with a special tea and enjoy the intoxicating harmony of flavors. We have dressed the heavenly flavor of our renewed teas in a stylish robe, so it can function perfectly as a gift. We deliver our selection on short notice, so you can sip your favorite teas anywhere in the country. On noisy, cold winter evenings, a few can resist a mug of hot tea, but let’s not just give ourselves over to the characteristic taste of the teas.
In our tea offer, lovers of fruity flavors, green and black teas can find their favorites.

Ingredients: Berries, hawthorn, rosehip, hibiscus, apple, elderberry, blueberry, raisin
Weight: 50 g
It retains its quality: 31/03/2022.
Place of origin: EU

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